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In order to meet the needs of all learners, Scholaris focuses on three basic challenges faced by all students: 

  • acquiring the academic strategies and skills necessary to reach their academic potential, 

  • developing self-confidence in their ability to achieve success, 

  • understanding their academic needs so they can become effective self-advocates. 


English language arts, math, and the content subjects are all taught with a strong emphasis on developing visualization strategies, metacognition, language competence, and skill development. Based on the students present level of academic performance, students are given individualized quarterly goals which drive their personalized lesson plans.  


There are no more than five students in each academic classroom, providing each student maximum time for direct instruction by highly trained teachers in order to achieve success at a faster pace. Since students progress at different rates, progress is monitored continually and goals are updated as needed. Proctored independent work is scheduled into each student's daily schedule as a way to enhance executive functions and work endurance. Students in grade 8 have an additional focus on developing the study skills and work habits needed to successfully transition into high school and become more effective advocates for themselves.  


In addition, all students are provided the opportunity to join their peers for a variety of electives in order to further enhance their ability to think critically, work collaboratively, and problem solve.

  • Commitment
    Our faculty are committed to ensuring each student's mastery of the foundational skills in order to meet their academic potential.
  • Growth
    A growth mindset at Scholaris is shared by all and takes many forms, from academic growth for students to professional growth for faculty.
  • Impact
    Each day, our faculty strive to make a life-changing impact on each student.
  • Results
    We are results driven through the use of individualized goals and constant progress monitoring.
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