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At Scholaris, we seek to build and retain an outstanding and committed faculty and staff. Our mission and core values influence everything we do. Our faculty members work as a team to ensure continuity in the classrooms in order to maximize results.  

Scholaris transforms students' lives, and our faculty witness substantial growth of each individual student throughout the year.  

The friendly, hard-working, and collegial Scholaris team provides a supportive professional environment in which all members are encouraged to develop into outstanding education professionals.

All new Scholaris faculty members will be provided with training and will work as a team to maximize student success. To learn more, click below!

"I enjoy the positive and supportive environment that is provided for the teachers and students. Not only am I provided opportunities to develop professionally, but I am also provided support by the administration at the school. The students also benefit from this environment because they are provided the support they need to develop holistically."

Scholaris Teacher

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