Our teachers approach their work with our students as a vocation to which they have been called. As a result, we work as a team in order to best meet the needs of each individual student. To do this, our teachers receive constant training to further their ability to provide instruction in explicit phonics, Singapore math, and writing composition, while helping students enhance their executive functions and metacognitive strategies.

We believe that each student is capable of achieving their goals and it is our job to create a positive environment to showcase their strengths. Our intentional use of language helps each teacher build a rapport with their student, allowing for the growth of trust and intrinsic motivation.




Head of English Language Arts Instruction 

Ms. Amparan is a warm and loving teacher who oversees all Language Arts instruction for Scholaris. Ms. Amparan provides students with the instruction needed to become capable and confident learners who are able to read for their own betterment and communicate effectively through writing and speaking. Through continual progress monitoring, Ms. Amparan looks for patterns in each student's work in order to better her instruction.


Head of Science and Advanced Math

Mr. Bookas is a fun teacher who loves to guide students through the world of science. Using a mastery approach, Mr. Bookas works with each student to make sure they are able to easily understand scientific concepts that are typically challenging. Through Socratic discussion, written reflection, and experimentation, Mr. Bookas' class is a place of discovery and reflection.


Head of Humanities

With a Master's Degree in Classical Education, Ms. Johnston leads students to discover what is good, true, and beautiful through history and literature. Ms. Johnston understands the importance of instructing students how to properly read and understand primary documents and classical literature in order to become a well-informed citizen. To enhance each student's ability to extract factual information in order to create an opinion, Ms. Johnston leads her students through Socratic discussions and written reflections. She also emphasizes the importance of providing direct instruction for note-taking, outlining, and thesis writing in order to develop expository writing skills.


Head of Primary Math Instruction/Director of Student Services

Ms. Looper is an enthusiastic teacher who enjoys helping students realize their true potential and enjoy learning even when the content is challenging. With an emphasis on mental math strategies, Ms. Looper makes learning math fun. This leads to better engagement from her students who then want to push themselves further.  


Ms. Looper has a Master's Degree in Special Education and she works closely with the teachers and administrators to better each student's school experience. 

"Working at Scholaris is a truly unique experience. Given its small size, it allows for educators to get to know their students and their student’s families very well throughout the course of the school year. What may be perhaps more important, however, is that every teacher has the opportunity of working with every student regardless of grade level. We all share the same students which allows us to work together as a team to ensure their academic success."

Scholaris Teacher