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Our teachers approach their work with our students as a vocation to which they have been called. As a result, we work as a team in order to best meet the needs of each individual student. To do this, our teachers receive constant training to further their ability to provide instruction in explicit phonics, Singapore math, and writing composition, while helping students enhance their executive functions and metacognitive strategies.

We believe that each student is capable of achieving their goals and it is our job to create a positive environment to showcase their strengths. Our intentional use of language helps each teacher build a rapport with their student, allowing for the growth of trust and intrinsic motivation.



Head of English Language Arts Instruction 

When Amy Amparan became a teacher, her reason was simple; she loved to teach.  

Amy teaches English language arts at Scholaris. She has both morning and afternoon/evening classes. Her students range from homeschooled groups to private one-on-one instruction. Her teaching philosophy is that everyone learns differently, each with different strengths and challenges. Amy starts her teaching with small, bite-size challenges and increases their difficulty until they achieve mastery. Amy received her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Dallas. Amy’s hobbies include pickleball, piano playing, drawing, and writing poetry. She loves spending time with her family and friends and is an avid reader. 


Head of Science and Primary Math

Meredith Whited was inspired to enter the field of education by her grandmother, a talented writer who had left Meredith with many classic works and letters. Her success is partly due to being a lifelong learner and her empathetic nature. Her teaching philosophy is to help students find their potential by looking for what they need to progress their learning. Meredith obtained her master’s degree in humanities with a concentration in classical education from the University of Dallas and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Louisiana State University. A Texas native, Meredith’s hobbies include reading, cooking, hiking, and watching movies with her husband. 

Alison Fulop


Alison’s love of history led her to enter the field. She also had the mission to foster students' intellectual faculties. Madison’s teaching philosophy is to teach with passion so that they will learn with passion. She received her master’s degree in History and has worked with students from pre-k through high school. Alison was raised in California and moved to Texas as an adult. Her hobbies include cooking, pickleball, and hosting dinner parties with her family and friends.


Head of Advance Math

Eric’s dedication to teaching is due to erroneously being labeled as having a learning difference during his youth. Today, Eric is an excellent teacher and an advocate for quality education. Understanding the importance of direct instruction, Eric strives to break down challenging content into chunks that are easier to understand. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University and worked in the field of finance before being called to teach. When he is not busy working, Eric enjoys spending time with his two young children and traveling to visit extended family.  

Christina Bittner

Early Elementary Science and History

Christina Bittner was called to work with kids. Inspired to bring joy into the lives of others, Christina loves to teach and cultivate curiosity and wonder in her students. Christina obtained her bachelor’s degree in humanities from the University of Saint Catherine. A California native who moved to Texas as soon as possible, Christina’s hobbies include reading, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her family. 

"Working at Scholaris is a truly unique experience. Given its small size, it allows for educators to get to know their students and their student’s families very well throughout the course of the school year. What may be perhaps more important, however, is that every teacher has the opportunity of working with every student regardless of grade level. We all share the same students which allows us to work together as a team to ensure their academic success."

Scholaris Teacher

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